How Apparel Companies Can Deal With a Slowing Economy

By Deborah Belgum | April 4, 2019

The formula for doing business is slowly changing this year. While interest rates were rising at a steady pace last year, it’s a different story this year. The Federal Reserve hasn’t raised benchmark interest rates in 2019 and may even lower them, which is good news for apparel manufacturers and retailers.

Jobs in the Creative Industries Take a Big Step Forward in California

Creative jobs in California and Los Angeles County continue to grow as the economy holds strong.

Bumps Along the Way Don’t Deter U.S. Economy

Lately, the apparel and retail world has been centered around three Ts: taxes, tariffs and trade.

The UCLA Anderson Forecast Sees Big Changes in Store for U.S. Economy

Last year, President Trump had just taken office and the economy was slowly slogging forward as unemployment rates dropped steadily, inflation was modest and interest rates were changing every so slightly.

The UCLA Anderson Forecast Sees Big Changes in Store for U.S. Economy Through 2020

Business investment is going to be driving the bus this year.

California’s Economy Will Continue to Outshine Most of the United States

The California economy has been going gangbusters over the past few years and should continue to march along nicely over the next two years.

California’s Economy Will Continue to Outshine Most of the U.S.

California, with its technology, aerospace and entertainment industries, will continue to outdo the rest of the United States.

What’s in Store for the Factoring Business With Fewer Stores on the Retail Landscape?

The retail boneyard is piled high with store doors that closed last year, and many more may be on the way.

Booming Economy in 2018 Means Smart Retailers Will Profit

With tax cuts in place and unemployment at a record low, 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for the economy.

2017 Economic Retrospective

The stock market is at an all-time high. Unemployment rates have hit rock bottom, and Southern California housing prices have surpassed their all-time high in 2009.

UCLA Economists Predict a Healthy 2018 With Clouds on the Horizon

UCLA economists are optimistic about the U.S. economy in 2018 and then see it cooling in 2019.

True Religion Exits Bankruptcy With Smaller Footprint

True Religion, the Los Angeles company whose jeans were constantly being knocked off by Chinese counterfeiters when the label was a must-have brand, exited Chapter 11 bankruptcy with a smaller retail footprint and cash to move forward.

Nicholas Nunnari Joining CIT’s West Coast Office

CIT named Nicholas Nunnari vice president and business development officer for the company’s commercial services team in Los Angeles under the direction of CIT Western Regional Manager Darrin Beer.

Citizens of Humanity Management Buys Back Company From Private Equity Investors

Citizens of Humanity’s executive management team and private investors pooled their money together to buy back the portion of the company owned by private-equity investor Berkshire Partners and cofounder Jerome Dahan.

How the Factoring Industry Has Adapted to a Changing Retail World

As the retail industry has changed into a split personality of online and offline shopping, so too has the factoring industry that finances manufacturers’ production and sales to clients.

UCLA Anderson Forecast Shines a Light on the Troubled Retail Industry

In one year, retail employment declined by 29,000 jobs. What had been the second largest private-sector employer in the United States has dropped to the fourth largest, according to the recently released UCLA Anderson Forecast.